Somewhere deep in the fabric of space, past the super black holes, past the supernova that outshines suns, through the school of jagged asteroids, under the icy comets, some guy named Phil resides on what is only known as “the great water planet”, and he would like to tell you about it.

            I would like to kick this off by saying thanks for coming to my blog. I invite you inside of my mind and encourage you to share your thoughts alongside mine. I originally envisioned this blog to consist only of book reviews.  I planned to use this blog to give reviews of the books I read, so that you may also be encouraged to read with me and get previews of good books and hopefully not many not-so-good ones. But, I’ve decided not to limit myself. Why should I only review books when i enjoy so much more? So now the blog consist of video game, movie/television, and book reviews.Whatever I feel inspired to write about I will.
            I also plan to use this page as a vessel for creative literature. I plan to include some of my short stories and poetry on here as well. You’re welcome!!!!
           Finally, there will be a co-written sports section. Some guy named Milton will provide sports commentary about the upcoming NFL season and other sports, and we encourage you to share your thoughts as well. I hope you enjoy the page. Tell a friend to tell a friend.