The Gut Wrenching Anime: Made in Abyss

As you guys know, I love anime. I’m quite sure I’ve announced this in various posts here on the blog. What you guys may or may not know is that I can easily become an emotional wreck when watching anime. I picked up an anime recommendation from a post on Facebook. The author of the post attached a very cutesy photo of two children on an adventure with the title of the show prominently featured: Made in Abyss. He also forewarned that the show gets pretty heavy despite its adorable looking characters.


So I dug around to see where I could watch this anime. I found it through the channel Anime Strike which is featured on Amazon Prime. I already have a Prime subscription so I booted up my 7-day free trial for Anime Strike (which I need to make a decision to keep or not very soon) and set off on a brief but emotionally damaging journey that I won’t forget anytime soon.

The show follows a young girl named Riko and her humanoid robot friend Reg as they descend into the abyss that their world is centered around. The abyss still remains a mystery for the most part due to a deadly curse plaguing the bowels of the abyss but there have been people who have descended the long journey down. Example, the White Whistles but specifically Riko’s mother, Lyza the Annihilator (bad ass name right?) But dangers lurk around every corner of this deep hole and thus only certain people of certain ranks can descend to certain depths. These people have whistles that signify their ranks and how far they can make it into the abyss.


Riko and reg are spunky, ingenuitive kiddos who set out on what they deem as their final journey to reach the bottom of what no one else has traversed to find Lyza.


I am really enjoying watching this show. The characters are all memorable and there’s so many strong women front and center. The animation is absolutely superb. The colors are vibrant and perfectly reflect the mood and setting of the events of the show. I’ve cried while watching this show. I might just be a crybaby (maybe) but the situations these children get into and their emotional responses to them can feel like a punch to the gut. I was winded watching the last 2 episodes and I doubt that will be the last time I get this feeling from this show. Even though this is a fantasy show, it comes across very real and the emotions are beautifully transmitted to the viewer via animation and voice acting.


The show aired in July of this year and is still ongoing. 11 episodes are up on Anime Strike and appear to be released weekly on Fridays. But this show is based off of the manga with the same title so if you don’t wanna wait weekly to find out what happens to our heroes, you can grab that instead (which I’ll definitely do). So check it out!!! You won’t be disappointed.


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