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Update: this movie is available on Netflix.

So, today is July third. I’m at work unlike many other people in my office building. I’ve turned in all of my projects already thus I’m just sitting here for 8 hrs. So I pop open Facebook to see what peeps are up to today, and I come across a bizarrely grotesque clip that caught my attention. The indiscriminate murder of Japanese school girls. It was so quick and precise that I had no idea as to what caused it. And you know Facebook. They give you a 3 minute clip and no title to the film it’s from. But thankfully, someone in the comment section was the real MVP and linked the YouTube video containing the entire film. May the Lord bless you all your days stranger.


I spent my next hour and a half watching this masterpiece. It was a metaphor for life that I believe many young women can relate to. A metaphor that was splattered with gorey deaths, but a metaphor nonetheless.


The movie gets right to the gore with people dying just a few minutes into the film. Just body parts everywhere. The violence in this movie is shocking, but for good reason. It is very jarring though. The deaths aren’t particularly inventive but the way they tie into the larger theme of life is very well done.


The movie follows Mitsuko (Played by Reina Triendl) a young Japanese school girl that seems to be struggling with her identity. The movie shifts from each scene and presents a new problem our hero must face in order to find out who she really is with some help from her friends along the way.


The movie will never leave you bored but may have you a bit confused at moments. The initial shock of the gore caused me to miss a lot of important information and left me stuck in WTF mode. But my second watch and the thorough comment from a public servant under the video really helped clear up any confusion I still had. If you have the stomach for gore, watch this film. It’s a wild ride and will keep you guessing about what could possibly happen next. This movie is a beautiful blend of Twilight Zone Meets Groundhog day meets Battle Royale.

To watch the movie, search the title in the YouTube search bar and then you can rent it there for $3.99….. Or watch many of the illegally uploaded copies.

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