Some Guy in Space Podcast (Ep #1) Cheap Thrills Review featuring Elaine (Netflix Special)

Need something to watch on Netflix????

On the very first episode of the Some Guy in Space podcasts, we discuss the movie Cheap Thrills. The movie where two friends play every drunk college kids favorite game, Truth or Dare (But with a twist!). This podcast does include spoilers; however, in the beginning, we give a spoiler-free synopsis of the film. After you finish watching the movie, come back and check out the rest of the podcast. I also wrote a spoiler-free review for this movie here (

Just a heads up. This is my very first podcast, so please be patient with me. My equipment is not the best, and unfortunately, my 7-month old daughter makes several guest appearances. So, umm yeah, just act like she isn’t there for the time being lol. As I continue to do these, I will get better and better. So come through and check it out. Join the discussion. Peace!!!


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About the Author: Phil Purkett Jr.
Founder and Creator of Some Guy in Space. Second of his name. Real cool dude. Sexy.


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