Salad Fingers Impressions

For those of you who do not know me, I absolutely love horror films. I love the thrill of being scared. I love the feeling when all of the little hairs on my body stand at high alert; I love the sweaty palms and accelerated heartbeat; I love to hold my breath in anticipation of the next jump scare; I love it all! It gets the blood pumping! I remember watching horror films with my mom and my little sister back in the day. Paige and I would be so scared that we would have to watch something happy to avoid having nightmares. She would be all like “Hey, let’s look at The Ring.” And then I would say “Cool, but we gotta watch Rocket Power like right after or I ain’t going to sleep.”  Even with all of the terrible nightmares I use to have, I would still be ready for the next Jason or Freddy movie because that is just how I roll.

While falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos one evening, I stumbled across the “weird” section of YouTube. This is the part of YouTube that has videos you immediately regret watching afterward. I came across a web series called Salad Fingers. Before watching these videos, I had never heard of this series, so I watched it blind with no prior knowledge as to what I was about to see. I must say that Salad Fingers completely scarred me for life, but it was an experience that was fascinating and haunting all at the same time.

Salad Fingers is a ten-episode web series on YouTube that clocks in at just under an hour. Without ruining too much (I really do think it’s something you should just stumble upon blind with as little info as possible), Salad Fingers is about an elderly man who lives alone in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic barren wasteland. You find out VERY quickly that this man should not be anywhere near the general public (if it is even a man at all). He is, umm, extremely disturbed to put it lightly. He has imaginary friends; he eats…things; he gives birth; and he is everything your beautiful, loving grandfather isn’t. He lives in isolation, but there are others in this world that are just as unsettling as him. He is quite possibly the strangest character you will ever see, and for sure, one you won’t forget (no matter how hard you try).

Creepy, unnerving, grotesque, disturbing, sickening, disgusting are all words that will pop in your head as you watch this show. It is not for the squeamish.  Salad Fingers is one of those things you watch and immediately think you have got to be a seriously f***** up individual to come up with something like this. I consider myself to be quite weird, so  I probably have a higher tolerance for things like this. For some reason, after my girlfriend quit and refused to watch anymore, even after my brain said nope and abandoned the last of my sanity, I found myself completely engrossed in this character. I could not wait to get to the next episode to see what this psychotic individual had in store for me. This show will push your limits. It will test your patience. But for me, Salad Fingers is an excellent piece of work. As weird and shocking as it may be, I can’t deny the talent behind it. If you abandon all restrictions and allow yourself to frolic in the darkest sections of your brain, what disturbing masterpieces would you create? If you enjoy the weird and creepy things that your “normal” friends would stay far away from, check out Salad Fingers and let me know what you think.



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