***Press Play*** Stranger Things Season 1

        I am going to be completely honest with you.  I am super delusional from a lack of sleep right now. I had intended on getting some marvelous sleep last night, but do to unforeseeable circumstances,  I had to dust off the time machine and take part in an “old school” we don’t have school in the morning, so let’s have a TV marathon. As a result, I barely slept or ate anything in preparation for this long day of work I am about to endure. I seriously look disheveled and should not have stepped out of the house like this…my mom would be so proud.
       Last night I decided to check out the new Netflix Original TV Show Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder  (although she wasn’t the star of the show, she did an awesome job portraying a mother whose child is missing) and a pool of talented child actors who have very bright futures in film. Last night was special. I knew I had to work very early the next morning, but I didn’t care. I was completely entranced in this show (it actually felt more like an 8 hour long movie instead of a TV show), and I could not…no, I would not cut off Netflix until I knew what was going to happen to these characters.
       One night, Will was playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. It started to get late, so Will hopped on his bicycle and began to head home. On the way,  Will saw…something that was very strange.  He saw something that he wished he never saw.  As a result,  Will never made it home that night , and that night marked the beginning of a long, terrifying ,yet fascinating journey that will be etched in the memories of Will’s family and friends forever.
      I enjoyed all of the characters in this world and they all brought something different to the story.  Winona Ryder played Will’s mom, and she did a fantastic job of portraying a mother who is trying to cope. From the very first night that Will went missing until the finale, I think she did a great job of showing the devotion,  and love a parent has for their child.  She could be fierce if someone tried to deter her from finding her child.  However,underneath the tenacity,  you can see her longing for not just her son, but longing for some comfort in the midst of tragedy (as we see later in the season).
       Although Winona did a great job, the bar none stars of the show were Will’s friends (Mike played by Finn Wolfhard, Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo, and Lucas played by Caleb McLaughlin). I imagine these kids were everything the directors could have hoped for. They were witty and had so much personality. Shout out to Gaten Matarazzo. In my opinion,  the group would not have been the same without him and he was absolutely hilarious.  Seriously though,  these kids were so good at one point I turned to my girlfriend and said “Child stars are amazing. How in the world can they remember their lines like this and portray these characters flawlessly.” Aside from the joking and playing, there were some very serious tones in this film and the kids nailed those too. They are the glue of this film, and I would watch it over and over for their performances alone.
       Stranger Things takes place in a town called Hawkins, Indiana, and it is set in the 80’s. Everything about this show is retro and it is awesome. My brain flooded with images of eating dinner at my great grandmother’s house the moment Winona picked up her rotary-dial styled home phone. I use to love turning the wheel and then watching/listening as it clicked back into place.  Stranger Things reminded me of two other movies on Netflix that took a trip to the past and nailed it: the hilarious movie Kung Fury and the ultra violent movie Turbo Kid (If you haven’t seen any of these films give them a try. They aren’t for everyone, but they were really impressive, especially Turbo Kid. The scenery and images that Stranger Things left me with will last just as long as the awesome performances by its stellar cast.
       I never really focus on sound when I watch movies or TV shows. I know sound is there, but it never stands out or is my primary focus. That changed with this show. The theme song for this show is extremely catchy and will stick with you long after you stop watching. Dun da dun dun dun da dun. You will continuously hum this to yourself over and over, never tiring of it. Even small insignificant things that I never really pay attention to stood out to me. The sound of a drill, the creak an old lazy boy makes when a child plops into it, the static and buzzing of an ancient radio are all sounds that stuck out while watching this show. The sound in this show is crisp and clear, and it adds another level of greatness to this awesome show.
       Oh, I also should mention that although this show stars a group of kids, I would not let children watch it. There’s brutal death involved, the kids swear like every five a bunch, and the show is slightly terrifying. The show isn’t scary to the point where you will have nightmares (maybe a child would though), but it has its moments. These moments are really what makes Stranger Things shine. It keeps you on edge and despite the jokes and feelings of warmth and innocence the kids portray, the show forces you to take it serious.  People die, a kid is missing, and something lurks in the shadows. Stranger Things brings all of this together to tell a unforgiving and unforgettable tale. If you like Sci Fi and mystery you should definitely check out this show. I loved it, and maybe you will too.

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About the Author: Phil Purkett Jr.
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  1. t4mrstms says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Stranger Things. I’m definitely going to check it out.


    1. It is a wonderful bundle of awesomeness

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