Why is this Blog Called Some Guy in Space??????

First and foremost, I absolutely love outer space and space related topics. In a parallel universe, i’m probably an astronaut somewhere discovering planets like in No Man’s Sky. Although the content of the blog isn’t necessarily space related, I knew I wanted to have a space theme. I’m going to try my best to include space related topics as well.

This blog is really meant to cover a wide range of topics though. I want this to appeal to as many people as possible. Hopefully everyone can come here and find something they are interested in. I aim to discuss a wide range of things, but this blog will specifically be geared towards books, video games, movies/ television, and sports. With that being said, I want it to be known that in NO WAY am I an expert on any of these topics. I am just a casual fan of all of these things, and this blog is geared towards people like me. This blog is for people who are not experts in these genres, but still enjoy them all the same.

I am Some Guy in Space who happens to enjoy movies, television, video games, and books. If you enjoy these things as well, Come through and let’s talk about them.


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About the Author: Phil Purkett Jr.
Founder and Creator of Some Guy in Space. Second of his name. Real cool dude. Sexy.


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