***Welcome to My Mind*** – Mirrors


I see a couple walking together and holding hands.
Their footsteps in sync
Each fully in tune with the other
They are genuinely happy.
They make direct eye contact,
And they laugh together.

I can feel their aura.
They glow with excitement.

This couple
Seems to be in love.

They walk right past another couple.
The woman
Has arms wrapped around a man’s waist
Her head
Buried so deep in his chest
Her face is invisible
Her shoulders move Up
                                      Down in constant rhythm

She is sobbing.

The man has one arm wrapped tightly around her waist.
Pulling her closer and closer into him
He feels her

His other hand
Grips the back of her head comfortably
As he whispers soft words in her ears,
His eyes quietly fill with tears.

This couple
Seems to be in pain.

Isn’t it interesting?

A moment of joy and happiness for some
May be a moment of pain and sorrow for another


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About the Author: Phil Purkett Jr.
Founder and Creator of Some Guy in Space. Second of his name. Real cool dude. Sexy.


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